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Opened at its present location on September 7, 1997, the Sykesville Gate House Museum of History strives to preserve and interpret the abundant history of the Town of Sykesville in Carroll County, MD, and its surrounding communities through its collections, exhibits, and special events. The Gate House Museum facility was originally part of the Springfield Hospital Center, one of the nation’s largest psychiatric institutions in the early to mid-1900’s.

Looking to the future

The Gate House Curator is Jack White. Jack can assist you with all your historic needs. He has worked hard to get the museum ready for visitors.  The museum is open Fridays and Sundays from 1 PM to 5 PM.  

Jack grew up in Philadelphia and studied history and creative writing at Penn State. He received his Master's in Computer Information Systems from Boston University, spent 5 years in the army, and moved to Sykesville in 1999.

Jack is the author of a published novel and also the author of "In Carrie's Footprints, the Long Walk of Warren Dorsey," a non-fiction account of Sykesville's African-American Dorsey family.  


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ADA Accommodations

To request reasonable ADA accommodations, please email Jack, Curator of the Gate House Museum or call 410-549-5150 within two weeks of your visit. A video of Gate House programs and exhibits are available for check out to the public upon request.