Ongoing Projects

Check out the current project updates below.   This page will be updated when there is new information. 

Main Street/Springfield Avenue (MD 851) Water and Sewer Improvements
Carroll County Bureau of Utilities has capital projects ongoing for the improvements of the water and sewer mains in Main Street and Springfield Avenue. This work is anticipated to take 220 working days and will replace water mains, house/building connections and valves for fire hydrants, and replacement/repair of the sewer main and sewer manholes. Temporary water services will be installed to limit the disruption of utilities. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Bureau of Utilities Project Manager, Larry Bloom, at or 410-386-2164.

Main Street 

  • Last Water Main Tie-Ins: August 22-23
    • This will include a shutdown of Church St on 8/22 for tie in completion and paving on 8/23.
  • Water Main/Hydrant/Valve Abandonments: August 21
  • Final Restoration of Sidewalks: August 21-23
    • Start with Main Str 7615, 7618, 7610, 7609, 7602, 7568, 7571,Baldwin Sta 2+00 Park ; 8/22 – Baldwin Sta 3+04.3, Oklahoma Sta 2+83.04, Main Str 7552, 7550, 7548, 7540, Sta 0+26.4 ; 8/23 – 7530, 3x 7537, 7543, 7565, Townhouse Dr – Finish.
  • Remaining Sewer Lateral Lining: TBD
  • Paving: August 21
  • Thrust Collards Installation: August 21-26 
    • 8/21 – on Sandosky , 8/23 – on Wilson Ave, 8/25 – on Spout Hill.
  • Cleanouts: August 25-29

Springfield Avenue (Week of July 31, 2023)

  • New water service connection will begin on the southern portion of Springfield Avenue.  Property owners will be notified by letter left on the front door of specific day the service will be interrupted.
  • Once services are completed on the southern portion, water main work will commence along the middle area of Springfield Avenue.