Ongoing Projects

The Town of Sykesville is working on projects!  Check out the current projects below.   This page will be updated when there is new information for any project. 

Main Street/851 Water and Sewer Improvements
Carroll County Bureau of Utilities has a capital project for the improvements of the water and sewer mains in Main Street, from Springfield Avenue to Baldwin Drive. This work is anticipated to take 220 working days and will replace approximately 2,200 feet of water mains and valves for fire hydrants, and 2,000 feet of sewer main and sewer manholes. Temporary water services will be installed to limit the disruption of utilities. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Bureau of Utilities Project Manager, Larry Bloom, at or 410-386-2164.

5/8 Crew 1: install hydrant and remaining 8" main at 851 and Church  St. 

       Crew 2: continue manhole-A at South end of Main Street form pad for base and pour / set bottom structure 

5/9 Crew 1: work on install the valves and tee at box culvert and run 4'' main to tie point at MD851 and Wilson 

        Crew 2: finish stacking out doghouse manhole and start back fill (South end Main Street)

5/10 Crew 1: continue north with 8" main to 3 valve cluster at MD 851 and Springfield 

          Crew 2:  build Chanel and remove top of existing pipe (South end Main Street) 

5/11 Crew 1: continue 8" water main at 851 and Springfield towards tie in

          Crew 2:  start on sewer clean outs at MD 851 and Baldwin Dr

5/12 Crew 1: install extra work item "tee and valve " will need water main shut for a few hours 

        Crew 2: work on 2nd sewer clean out at  MD851 and Baldwin