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Notice of Appeal and/or Application for Hearing

  1. Public Facilities

  2. Individual Facilities

  3. Draw items approximately to scale, including associated dimensions and identification:

    • Shape and dimensions of the property.
    • Location, dimensions, and identification of:
      • Abutting roads
      • Existing building(s), structures, or proposed additions, if any
      • Proposed building(s), structures, or proposed additions, if any
      • All driveway entrances, present, and proposed parking spaces and surfacing material
    • Dimensions of the front, side, and rear yards
    • Location of existing or proposed well and/or sewerage disposal system
    • Where no building(s) or building plans are involved, show present use, and proposed use of land
    • Existing and proposed storm drainage features such as springs, streams, and/or ponds
    • Any natural drainage features such as springs, streams, and/or ponds
    • Any additional information regarding the site and the appeal and/or application which will assist the Board in the consideration of this appeal or application
    Note: If available, plans for construction, floor layout, house location, site development, landscaping, architectural elevations, prospective sketches and/or surveys should be submitted with these forms to assist the board in consideration of this case.

  4. The appellant or petitioner is responsible for the provision and certification of a list of all contiguous (adjoining) property owners and their addresses, including any property, in order that notification of the public hearing can be forwarded to such owners by certified mail.

  5. Include names and addresses as noted in the preceding instructions.

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